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TÉMA: your understanding of wood line help

your understanding of wood line help 03 sep 2017 00:01 #17466

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<p>smooth, sharp and sharp with edges and corners and must not be twisted or bent. The classification, composition and structure of wood use small house here to share, I hope for your understanding of wood line help, if you want to know more knowledge of decoration materials, please continue to pay attention to house decoration network.Wooden lines rich in style, good decorative effect, can be used for </p>
<p>sealing, wall material with different joint dado pressure side, flat shape roof line and so on, are widely used in the decoration of Home Furnishing. Today, Xiao Bian to introduce wood line installation Raiders knowledge, for everyone wooden line installation reference. A wood line, ready to install 1, closing before the construction, should be prepared to shut wood decorative lines, and the line selection. Wooden </p>
<p>decorative lines should be eliminated in the line of distortion, scars, cracks, decadent parts. Should also pay attention to wood decorative lines of color should be consistent, uniform thickness of the line. Wooden decorative lines should be smooth surface, no pit, no damage. 2, in the preparation of the material to be noticed, wood, the same substrate and facing the same color, can be the first port, and at the </p>
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