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TÉMA: and fabric has good adhesion, high bonding

and fabric has good adhesion, high bonding 05 sep 2017 05:49 #17507

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<p>material. There are two main categories: silicone rubber and polyurethane (PU). Silicone sealant - that is, we usually say glass glue, but also acidic and neutral two (neutral glue is divided into: Stone sealant, mildew sealant, fire sealant, pipe sealant, etc.). The properties of glass adhesive are summarized. Glass glue can be divided into two kinds according to their properties: neutral glass glue and acid glass glue. </p>
<p>Generally used for home improvement bonding. Glass glue Jiezhuang generally use the local back office, dumb: wood ware, toilet, bathroom mirror, sink and walls of the gap and so on, these places have different performance glass glue. Neutral glass adhesive relay is relatively weak, generally used in the bathroom mirror back, these do not need very strong bonding place. Neutral glass glue is frequently used </p>
<p>in the home, mainly because it does not corrode objects, glass and plastic acid is generally used in wood at the back of the frame, strong adhesion. Method of use: use glass glue 1. single component silicone sealant can be used immediately, with the glue gun is easy to hit it from the plastic bottle, and can be used a spatula or wood surface dressing. 2. stick time: the curing process of silicone rubber is from the </p>
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