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TÉMA: has a strong visual impact, very beautiful

has a strong visual impact, very beautiful 05 sep 2017 13:45 #17520

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<p>network.In home decoration, wallpaper is often used most of a wall decoration materials, and according to materials and characteristics, wallpaper is also divided into many kinds, of which wood fiber wallpaper is often used to a wallpaper. So, what is the wood fiber wallpaper? How much is the price of wood fiber wallpaper? What a wood fiber wallpaper? Wood fiber wallpaper is often used in life, </p>
<p>environmental protection, wood fiber wallpaper permeability is the best, the service life is long, is the wallpaper of the best, which is composed of wood pulp polyester the synthesis, use inferior light luster, soft and natural, easy and furniture collocation, color variety; without any chemical damage to the human body, good air permeability, surface moisture, moisture permeable Wallpaper; long-term use, will not </p>
<p>have the breath feeling, is the first choice of health Home Furnishing. It is durable, can be washed with water, and can be washed with a brush. If the PVC paper base wallpaper is "Dacron", Bucky wallpaper is the "cotton", then the wood fiber wallpaper should be natural cashmere products. Such a comparison, the difference between the advantages and disadvantages of several, can generally be the beginning of </p>
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