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Umbro back to China to define self-new ideas - shoes - soccer shoes soccer equipment portal _ENJOYZ football equipment network
Umbro China 2017 spring and summer new products with a new image in Beijing for the first time public release, colorful and strong visual impact and then lift the movement of the revolutionary trend of the wave of China's youth, The Conference site, umbro China officially announced Michael \u0026 middot; Mr. Owen became umbro Chinese CCO (chief cultural officer). Since the brand was founded nearly a century, umbro, as always, with ingenuity to create football equipment, the green show witnessed numerous glro glorious mom. Now, umbro in the field of fashion life is also looking forward to another breakthrough. The event as the umbro return to the Chinese market debut, it is also released the brand 2017 spring and summer new products. At the beginning of the event, umbro Umbrella Greater China CEO Zhang Tengfei first of all guests reviewed the umbro from the founding date of many historical moments, wearing umbro jersey England and Brazil hold high the World Cup trophy, Bailey, Owen and other world famous players are wearing Umbro jersey or sneakers for the fans to offer unforgettable performances. After reviewing the glorious history goedkope nike air max 2017 of umbro, Zhang Tengfei said that 'umbro has been focused on football in the past 100 years, Owen's football spirit coincides with the idea of ​​umbro China, which is the main reason for the two sides sign again. Then Owen will be the umbro Greater China CCO identity as soon as possible into the Chinese campus and young people learn from the game, concerned about the development of youth football. Umbro China will host youth league, encourage and self - talented young people to achieve football dream. In the nationwide selection of a group of the most potential of the fourteen, five age group of young players to Owen as honorary president and from the United Kingdom to introduce professional youth training system and football coach team. In addition, the future will have more than not limited to the field of sports in line with the umbro culture of the messenger to join the umbro Chinese team \u0026 rdquo ;. In the new era of the trend, umbro China's UFC, Life Style, Training and Voyage four series at the same time force. 2017 spring and summer new inheritance umbro brand traditional style of colleagues, by the chief creative director Steve Hong through the analysis of young consumers nowadays, in the tamping of football professional and cultural products on the basis of the trend of fashion style and football elements of integration Triggering the love of the new millennium on the umbro, fully show 2017 clothing trends. After three years, umbro strong return to China, with simple style to release the young style, the classic and pure attitude between gestures between gestures. Umbro China and Michael \u0026 middot; Owen's side by side cooperation is enough to arouse countless fans for youth and passion for the good memories, once again stirring from the deep feelings. Michael \u0026 middot; Owen said, 'umbro is my life, very happy to serve as umbro China CCO. In China, I saw the umbro stronger vitality and creativity. Professional fashion products and full of young and dynamic team, will create the next umbro brilliant future! When I was 14 years old, umbro helped me realize the football dream, it is time to make a return. The future I will be with umbro China to focus on the promotion of youth soccer, will be better football concept and youth training system to China. Help more soccer teenagers to achieve her dream, like when I was young \u0026 rdquo ;. Umbro carrying too many historical memories and stories, has been close to a lot of top teams are wearing umbro jersey to create a brilliant achievement. The umbro return to the Chinese market, is bound to lead the trend of football fashion, open a new brand tour, the definition of self-new ideas. Umbro and Irving shining moments from the beginning of the professional stadium to the World Cup on a ball fame, England 'Golden Boy' Owen - Owen in his career has been wearing umbro boots, leaving countless wonderful moments. Let's take a look at the sparkling moments of Owen and the umbro. This is Owen's Premier League debut, as a member of the Liverpool Youth Army, 17-year-old Owen in the game off the bench, and he soon with a goal to return the coach to its Of the trust, but unfortunately, the Red Army 'rally' or 1 to 2 lost to Wimbledon, did not let Owen experience to help the team win the joy. A ball fame June 30, 1998 1998 World Cup against Argentina this goal for Owen is the most important moment, but also www.sneakerlife.nl his career the most exciting one goal. At that time, only 18-year-old Owen on behalf of the England team appeared in the world's highest football hall, and thousands of miles to ride the way to let everyone surprised. Half of the ball, even two people, Thunder blow, Owen used this way to prove his talent, but also became the national idol of England. Munich September 1, 2002 This is the German national team in history, one of the most tragic defeat. The game, with Irving hat trick, England incredible in Munich made a 5 to 1 victory, and this is the British fans are now relish the 'tragedy of Munich \\ rdquo ;. ENJOYZ welcome content on the cooperation, reproduced in advance to obtain the consent of my station, and indicate the source. Rhitheric calling rounds.itherither ...... Avtferences to calling composition composition compositions.
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