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introduced here, and hope to help you 06 sep 2017 07:30 #17535

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<p>characteristics of wood decoration style 1, construction convenience, waterproof, anti-fouling, chemical-resistant wood decoration style often used wood wax oil, is a variety of natural vegetable oil and plant wax as the base material, the use of advanced technology from Germany refined The Can penetrate the surface of the wood, enhance the texture texture, to maintain the permeability of wood to prevent the wood moisture deformation. Effectively prevent the </p>
<p>traditional wood paint prone to yellowing, crack up Alice and so on. With the construction of convenient, waterproof, anti-fouling, chemical resistance, excellent performance characteristics. Harmless to the human body, excellent environmental performance, widely used in indoor and outdoor wood jewelry, wood furniture, children's wooden toys, wood flooring and other high-grade wood products surface. 2, wooden beams and wood decorative ceiling with </p>
<p>wooden beams and wood decorative ceiling with the way, is a common decoration style of the original decoration of the wood. Maintain the logs of wood beams made of simple and elegant ceiling, smooth lines, making the room space three-dimensional sense of strong. It is more light with the color, to create a clean and refreshing feeling, the summer can make the home space more cool, natural, wood decoration style ceiling must be equipped with soft light, </p>
<p>Wood plastic products own strong advantage<br />
What is the secret of environmental protection decking<br />
bass boat replacement decks</p>
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