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TÉMA: from Germany refined The Can penetrate

from Germany refined The Can penetrate 06 sep 2017 10:54 #17543

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<p>of the wood is very close to nature, simple and simple, giving different feelings of comfort, simple design creative, Fine, reasonable structure. 2, wood only rubber wood, pine wood wardrobe door main use of wood finger plate, wood species only rubber wood, pine. Other materials are difficult to purchase, even if there is not a batch. And different levels of consumers for the choice of wood species are not the same. Limited by raw materials, wooden wardrobe </p>
<p>door manufacturers do not dare to promote, semi-finished refers to the board is a mature edge of the industry, no industry standards as a basis for production, quality is also uneven. The manufacturer will bear the loss caused by the use of unqualified semi-finished products. One of the most common is the drying of raw materials failed, deformation and cracking. 3, the production of the original wooden wardrobe doors or more complex wooden closet door </p>
<p>production involving renovation, sanding, painting and other processes, the complex production process determines the original wooden cabinet door production cycle is longer, low capacity. General business will be discouraged. Wooden wardrobe doors are labor-intensive industries, large amount of labor, high technical requirements, labor intensity, and poor labor environment. Especially in the current tight employment situation, the workers difficult to recruit, </p>
<p>48 x 96 plastic wood board price<br />
واضح الجدران البلاستيكية وك الكلمة<br />
pvc vs fiber board fence</p>
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