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TÉMA: advantages of logs and wood board

advantages of logs and wood board 07 sep 2017 08:40 #17569

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<p>release. To achieve the noble life, the purpose of healthy home. 3, the original ecological substrate layer using a forming technology, the use of infiltration of wood fiber factor integration, so that the floor of the "internal stress" more balanced, to eliminate the floor of the "anisotropy", and thus overcome the floor easy song bent deformation, Wetness and other defects, improve the stability of the floor performance at the same time, weaken the residual material </p>
<p>within the substrate of the active level of the residual material within the plate and the outside world to achieve the purpose of healthy home. 4, the original ecological balance layer with multi-channel waterproof process, a substantial increase in water, moisture resistance, computerized CNC technology, the precise balance of the floor surface of the tension generated, thus solving the problem of easy to bend the floor. Second, the size of the ecological wood plastic </p>
<p>profiles The size of the common ecological wood flooring class 146 �� 31, 125 �� 23, column type common 50 �� 50,90 �� 90,120 �� 120 and other specifications. Different ecological wood flooring manufacturers of product cross-sectional size will be different, there is no uniform standard. The special shape size can be obtained by customizing the mold. The length of eco-wood flooring in theory can be done arbitrarily long. Ecological wood floor composition </p>
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