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TÉMA: application of ecological wood flooring

application of ecological wood flooring 07 sep 2017 14:01 #17576

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<p>virtually free of toughness. 7, pest control small pieces of bamboo after high temperature cooking, drying, vacuum dehydration degreasing and carbonation, has completely removed all the nutrients within the bamboo, complete destruction of the bacteria and bacteria living conditions, never happen from the moth And mildew. Wood flooring process is a whole piece of drying treatment, generally not complete. 8, to prevent rheumatoid arthritis Bamboo </p>
<p>thermal conductivity is low, with automatic adjustment and insulation function, Dongnuanxialiang, prolonged residence can reduce the occurrence of rheumatoid arthritis, to avoid allergic asthma: because there will never be insects and mildew , Fresh air and natural. Conclusion: bamboo flooring is good or a small wooden floor to introduce here, and hope to help you. Learn more floor knowledge, welcome to continue to focus on home decoration network.Eco-</p>
<p>wood flooring is an environmentally friendly floor, it is environmentally friendly, but also wear-resistant, with other unparalleled advantages of the floor, by the less than the favor of consumers. Here we come together to learn more about the advantages and application of ecological wood flooring. First, the advantages of ecological wood flooring 1, to strengthen the superior performance, wear, scratch, flame retardant. 2, the surface pattern of special printing </p>
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