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TÉMA: significant wood, stable nature, and more

significant wood, stable nature, and more 09 sep 2017 12:59 #17609

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<p>years of wind and sun and rain, the performance has been completely weathered, wooden tendons protruding, the board will show rugged Of the wind markings, great sense of vicissitudes, so much used to create pastoral style old furniture. The old elm beam, due to significant wood, stable nature, and more used to produce classical furniture. Old elm classical furniture with a strong, easy to deformation of the tough quality and heavy personality, texture clear, </p>
<p>rustic, because elm grows in the north, so it has a rough North bold, these years after the old elm polished, rough color More and more concentrated, those insects, wood knot, etc., more natural charm, a stunning vicissitudes of beauty. These natural ancient atmosphere, the vicissitudes of the texture of color, showing the ancient Chinese history and culture of deep heritage. Old elm classical furniture form is beautiful, whether it is cumbersome or simple, are </p>
<p>very engaging, not polished directly from the old elm furniture usually surface texture of the deep texture, wood texture prominent. Old elm after long as the use of the beam, the wood in the water all run away, so the old elm classical furniture with the more shiny, never deformation. Old elm classical furniture exquisite workmanship, the industry that the South more refined technology, so in the purchase of old elm classical furniture, the work accounted for the vast </p>
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