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TÉMA: wood panels can show the landscape

wood panels can show the landscape 10 sep 2017 16:31 #17625

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<p>panel pattern is a coarse effect. 2. Nanmu wood decorative panels, flower pear shadow wood ornaments because of its characteristics of the trees themselves, as the shadow of wood panels can show the landscape, people, flowers, birds and animals, the image is very artistic beauty. 3. birch wood decorative panel pattern showing a small pattern, with a small and varied, beautiful and lovely artistic effect. 4. Yushu wood decorative panel pattern is large and more, </p>
<p>gives a kind of vicissitudes of art. 5. Maple wood decorative wood panel pattern is winding, strange extraordinary, like a crafted works of art. In general, the thicker the better the performance of the wood after the real sense of paint, the texture is also more clear, clear color saturation, the color of the wood panel Good time. At the same time, to see whether the edge of the panel decorated with sand, the board with or without glue, water test to see whether the </p>
<p>green. 2. To see the decorative panel of the texture and color, texture clear, good color coordination, color and uncoordinated, there is a damaged panel is not good to see whether the warping deformation, whether vertical vertical erection. If the occurrence of warping or soft board is not tall and straight, can not be erected as a low-quality floor. 3. Because of some of the characteristics of the wood plywood itself, the quality of the problem requires a certain </p>
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