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TÉMA: the characteristics of stone wood floor

the characteristics of stone wood floor 11 sep 2017 09:30 #17640

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<p>decorative effect is good, by many consumers of all ages. Here we take a look at what the characteristics of stone wood floor? 1, energy saving, environmental protection, health, low carbon. 2, no radiation, formaldehyde: the body will not produce radioactive hazards, you can stay after installation. 3, non-toxic, tasteless: the use of non-toxic, tasteless heavy calcium carbonate powder as raw material. 4, do not suck cold, do not smoke. 5, energy conservation: no </p>
<p>damage to forest resources, recyclable recycling. 6, not afraid of water, non-slip: long-term immersion in the water is not deformed, non-slip. 7, flame retardant, anti-static: do not burn, from the fire from the off. 8, the expansion coefficient is small: no need to set aside side seam. 9, long life: pest control, anti-mildew, anti-aging. 10, easy to use: easy installation, free with, easy maintenance, peace of mind and effort. 11, distinguished and elegant: the balance of </p>
<p>the structure of the stone combined with the comfort and taste of wood! Stone wood floor of the 11 features, had a small home to share the end, we hope to understand the stone wood floor help. For more information on the renovation of building materials, please continue to pay attention to every home decoration network.Antique wood floor of the wood clear, decorative effect is good, by many consumers of all ages. Currently on the market of antique </p>
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