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TÉMA: texture of its own imports of valuable

texture of its own imports of valuable 12 sep 2017 04:02 #17660

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<p>knowledge of ground decoration materials, please keep an eye on every home decoration network.Antique wood flooring is suitable for the depth of processing and has a good texture of its own imports of valuable timber as the production of raw materials, combined with its historical and cultural background, change the surface of the floor pattern and shape, made using modern technology, such flooring culture, Many consumers sought after. Here we take a </p>
<p>look at the antique wood flooring what are the advantages and disadvantages. First, the advantages of antique wood flooring 1, antique class (1) not only has a pure natural feeling of logs, but also to give the floor heavy sense and history and culture; (2) color change, to heavy color, dark mainly to break the solid wood flooring Color single, dull shortcomings; (3) to retain the free texture of wood at the same time, man-made patchy, surface ups and downs and </p>
<p>other elements to increase the dynamic. 2, not afraid of water: product water absorption is very low, a glass of water, respectively, poured on the front and back of the brick, regardless of the static (3) not afraid of fire: the Sen live wood on the fire baked for a few minutes, still no signs of burning; (4) the number of water, (5) high hardness: the end of the forest will be high, and then feet standing on the tiles above the tiles, the pear is not the same as the tiles, , The </p>
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