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TÉMA: Dry shrinkage and swelling of solid wood flooring

Dry shrinkage and swelling of solid wood flooring 09 aug 2018 16:58 #29986

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<p>About us, it is really difficult to apply the collocation aesthetics skillfully! So people do not know; ghosts do not know how to spread this statement, the floor is what color, with the same color furniture. The beech wood floor is sure to be used with beech doors and shoe cabinets, and the mahogany floor is equipped with mahogany furniture. Is this really a time-tested truth? This article was edited by the city's hunters and reprinted to save the source.</p>
<P>The expert's opinion is: the choice between flooring and furniture is different from the simple color. Let us take a look at the above examples of decoration, perhaps your idea will change.</P>
<P>This beechwood floor does not come with beech wood furniture. On the contrary, the guests chose red sofas, red tables, and sapphire blue lounge chairs. The colors seemed to be too confusing at first glance. However, with careful scrutiny, it is not difficult to invent the overall style of the room is bright, comfortable and unique. Then, the beech-colored floor with the lack of light makes the room both comfortable and dark, and the chairs and tables that jump in color not only liven up the interior atmosphere but also expressed the guests' taste. Therefore, there is no need to "give a gossip" to the mountains and plains.</p>
<p>Pine flooring with natural pine knots is now very popular, so how to match furniture? In practice, pine floors are the most Nordic style. When you choose furniture, you must seek opposition in this respect. In this room, colorful, high-purity accessories such as vases, decorative paintings, and simple, straight-line furniture all show a weak, dark, natural Nordic style. Of course, rough wood adds a natural smell to the interior.</p> "not moth eaten pvc fence for sale,free building plans gazebos,wood knee bracing for decks "
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