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TÉMA: How to maintain the solid wood floor?

How to maintain the solid wood floor? 10 aug 2018 07:15 #29993

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<p>After the solid wood floor is laid, it must be maintained for at least 24 hours so as not to affect the service life of the solid wood floor. In the daily life, the paint film on the surface of the solid wood floor must be firstly cured, and the ��appearance�� of the solid wood floor cannot be injured. General solid wood flooring poor water resistance, should not use a damp cloth or water rub, so as not to lose luster. The specific method is: Every six months or months, rub with a polishing wax, and then wipe with a clean cotton yarn. During normal use, use a soft towel or cotton yarn to remove dust from the surface.</p>
<p>The maintenance of solid wood floors should also be avoided to avoid scratching of sharp objects such as metal sharps, glass tiles, and spikes. When moving furniture, do not drag on the floor to avoid stamping out cigarette butts on the floor and place acid-base objects. Do not place hot objects such as kettles or stoves directly.</p>
<p>After a long period of time, solid wood flooring will be old and should be painted in time. There are two ways to paint: First, paint and color directly. The method is the same as that of wood furniture. After drying, apply floor wax. When waxing, apply evenly, do not be too thick; the other is without any color. As a background color, it does not use any paint, but it can be wiped directly with floor wax.</p> "diy shops in singapore sell plastic flooring,veranda tuscan walnut decking,balcony flooring materials malaysia "
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