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TÉMA: How to distinguish between different types of flooring?

How to distinguish between different types of flooring? 11 okt 2018 08:17 #32537

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<p>(1) keep the floor dry and clean, do not drench the mop with water or scrub it with alkali water or soapy water, so as to avoid damaging the brightness of the paint and damaging the paint film. </p>
<p>If there is ash or dirt can be used to dry mop or dry wet mop wipe. </p>
<p>Wax is applied once a month (or twice a month) (water vapor and stains are wiped off before being waxed). </p>
<p>(2) if radiator leaks water or the ground has water stains, deck railing systems composite deckmust wipe clean in time, cannot let the sun explode bask in or use electric furnace to bake directly, lest dry too fast, the floor is cracked. </p>
<p>(3) do not live for a long time person, avoid by all means with plastic cloth or newspaper cover, time is long paint film can send sticky, lose luster, avoid by all means at the same time hot water basin,concrete suppliers in australia hot rice pan waits for a thing to put on the floor directly, application board or straw mat cushion, in order to avoid ironing bad lacquer film. </p>
<p>(4) local floor surface is dipped carelessly have stain should be cleared in time, if have oil mark to be able to use dishcloth or mop dip in lukewarm water or a few washing powder is wiped, also usable neutral soap water adds a few washing spirit to scrub. </p>
<p>If the stain is serious, the use of this method is invalid, the use of high-quality sandpaper or steel wire ball gently wipe.
<p>If it is a drug, beverage or pigment stains,golds gym floor tiles must be in the stain has not infiltrated into the wood surface to be removed, cleani</p>ng methods used dipped in furniture wax soft cloth wipe. </p>
<p>If still ineffective, must dip in the furniture wax with the steel wire ball to wipe. </p>
<p>If the surface of floor layer is burnt by cigarette butts use the soft cloth that dips furniture wax to wipe hard can restore brightness. </p>
<p>If ink is contaminated, should use dip wax soft cloth to wipe in time, if invalid, can be dipped in furniture wax to wipe with steel wire ball again. </p>
<p>(5) the paint floor after laying, reduce the sun to bask in as far as possible,boat deck foam core material lest paint is illuminated by ultraviolet ray much, dry ahead of schedule and ageing.
Furniture placed on the floor should be cushioned with rubber or other soft material to prevent scratching of floor paint.</p>
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